Don’t you hear the laughter on the way down?

I keep having sex dreams about exes.  I wake up in a tizzy.  Have managed to resist the urge to call said exes and try to make dreams come true.

Went to the Gap yesterday.  The Gap is where I find pants that fit.  Nowhere else can I consistently find pants that fit.  Pants shopping, no matter what size I am at the time, always makes me so frustrated I want to cry.  NOTHING EVER FITS RIGHT.  Ahem.  But, of course, at the Gap, I find pants that fit.  They make pants for my big ass, and for that, they’ve got themselves a long-term customer.

I’ve had this stupid sinus infection, and the sinus-unblocking drugs from the drugstore work pretty well but also make me verrrry sleeeeeeepy.  So I’ve been sleeping a lot.  But then I wake up at weird times like 4am and am awake until noon.  Today I woke up at 8!  Which is somewhat a normal time!  But every minute now is passing extremely slowly!  There is nothing to do at 8 in the morning on a Saturday!  Nothing I want to do, anyway.

It’s supposed to be warm and beautiful today.  It isn’t warm and beautiful yet.  Curses.

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