about kate & SID

This blog is called Self-Indulgent Drivel for a reason.  I wanted to give myself permission to be melodramatic, to talk about my feeeeelings, to go on and on about whatever the hell I wanted without anyone feeling deceived.  If you find my writing here interesting, that’s great.  But don’t say you weren’t warned… this is about me me me me me me me.

That being said, I think a lot of what I choose to write about is relatable.  We’ve all struggled.  We’ve all had our hearts broken.  I’ve been told I have a gift for writing, so if I can use that gift to create prose that others can identify with, well, so much the better.

A lot of this is exploration of feelings.  This is what I do to process things, this is where I allow myself to wallow in my own emotions.

If I had to sum myself up with the lyrics of a song, it would be the first chorus of “Young Pilgrims” by the Shins.

…but I learned fast how to keep my head up
’cause I know there is this side of me that
wants to grab the yoke from the pilot and just
fly the whole mess into the sea…

That’ll do for now.

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