being proactive

Hello, my loves!

I’m trying to improve my life.  I don’t know if it’s the antidepressants or what, but I’m feeling really optimistic and like I can take on the world.  I’m making plans!  I’m thinking of the future!  I’m being proactive!  And stuff!

I’ve been going a little nuts on Amazon lately, because this having-a-full-time job thing means I’ve got more money than I have in YEARS.  And I’m spending it!  But on good things!

I got a new phone.  It was free, so it doesn’t count, but OMG is’t amazing. It’s an Android phone, and I’m in love with it enough to never want to go back to an iPhone, no matter how flashy they are!  Damn the man!

And I’m still in love with my car.  Zelda and I are tight.  Yes, her name is Zelda.  She told me.  We have a deep connection.

SO!  SHOPPING! I bought some vitamins and a car charger for my phone and a lap-desk and a backrest and all these things that are going to make my life better!  I didn’t buy shoes or dresses or anything stupid.  I bought stuff that’ll help me be an adult n’ shit. It’s all very mature.

And I bought Proactiv.

I am tired of having adult acne.  I have crow’s feet now, I’m not going to have that AND acne.  Makes me look like a fucking meth addict.  So far it’s working, but let me tell ya, the company that makes/sells Proactiv is up to some eeeeeil stuff.  If you buy through them they automatically (without telling you ahead of time) enroll you in their program and after 3o days start shipping their products to you WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.  And they charge assloads for the privilege.  I fortunately caught on to their nefarious plot and canceled my membership.  Just to be safe, I hunted around on Paypal and saw that they had indeed set up a recurring payment schedule, which I canceled on that end as well.  But there are reports of them continuing to charge people who’ve canceled their memberships, so BEWARE.  If this stuff actually works, I think I’ll buy their product from eBay or something.

It’s time to get serious, people.  I got some adulthood to do.

(Brought to you by migraine meds and caffeine.  WHEEEEEEEEEEEE.)

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