crash into me

Four months ago, I got hit by a truck while turning left on a two-lane residential street in San Francisco.

The insurance companies couldn’t really assign fault.  The police report has some incorrect information on it, because they took my statement when I’d just gotten hit by a truck.

The hospital never checked me for a head injury.  They didn’t even look at my pupils.  And I am confident that I had a concussion, because I’m still getting headaches daily.  My neck and back, which weren’t in perfect shape before the accident, now hurt almost constantly.  I’m trying to figure out the best way to get care for myself, and in the meantime I’m barely functional without daily intake of a handful of pills.  But I’m functional.  And emotionally I’m doing pretty well, which helps.

I’m in touch with a lawyer about taking action against the other insurance company, but it seems like such an uphill slog that I haven’t done much yet.  I know that I should.  I’m going to start tonight.

I found out earlier today that I might qualify for a state program for medically indigent adults, which would mean that I could finally see specialists to address my ongoing problems.  I have a referral to a neurologist but no money to pay for it.  I am hoping as hard as I can that I can soon get the care I need.  I have a feeling that this, too, will be difficult.  Red tape, bureaucracy, the government.  Too many people struggling to get too little money and attention.  Hopefully they’ll see that I need help.

I am optimistic.  But I am struggling and in pain.  When I get through this rough patch, I’ll probably be a stronger and healthier person.  But this part is hard.

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