Thirteen Albums

1. The National, “Boxer”
2. The Wrens, “Meadowlands”
3. Rachael Yamagata, “Elephants… Teeth Sinking Into Heart”
4. Spoon, “Kill The Moonlight”
5. Arcade Fire, “Funeral”
6. Harvey Danger, “Cream and Bastards Rise”
7. The Killers, “Hot Fuss”
8. Modest Mouse, “Good News For People Who Love Bad News”
9. Muse, “Black Holes and Revelations”
10. Nada Surf, “Let Go”
11. The Strokes, “Is This It?”
12. Old ’97s, “Too Far To Care”
13. The Shins, “Chutes Too Narrow”

4 thoughts on “Thirteen Albums

    1. There are some weird parameters. It’s the first album by each band that really resonated with me–maybe not their first, or even the first I heard. Each album is full of amazing awesomeness. And each came out since I was an adult; no picking something everyone’s heard or that’s been around since I was in middle school. And I think everyone should listen to these albums because they’re gorgeous or fun or whatever.

      1. Ok, that one’s pretty popular. But I really, really, really, really liked The Killers when that album came out. Every time they released a single on the radio I was like WHAT IS THIS???? It still makes me all dancey. And me all dancey is a good thing.

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