Let’s get physical! Physical!

I went swimming this morning.  But it’s not as simple as that.

My alarm was set for 9am, because I am NOT a morning person and that’s about as early as I feel like facing the day.  But I woke up at 7:45.  I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep, but this voice in my head said “Get up!  Time to get up!  We’re going SWIMMING!”

*Uh, no.  I want to sleep for another hour and fifteen minutes.  Go away.*

“GET UP!  Time to face the day!  Let’s go to the gym!”

*Go away, please, just another hour…*


And this is how I ended up in the pool at 8:32 in the morning.  Apparently there’s a perky person living in my head, and she is very persistent.  Bitch.

So I swam for a half hour, showered, and got to work a bit earlier than I usually do.

Ugh.  And I’m gonna do it again tomorrow.

I’m trying to get out of all the stupid ruts I’ve let myself sink into.  Swimming should help.  I have a dentist appointment later where I’m sure they’re gonna tell me I need loads of work done and toss out some improbable number for what it’s all going to cost.  Whatever.  It’s time to get my teeth fixed.

If I keep up this whole “exercise” thing I might have to start eating breakfast.  Ugh.  I hate breakfast.  Who the hell can eat before noon?  Still, I bought a cup-o-noodle from the vending machine at work today because I was gonna fall the hell over if I didn’t get some calories in me.  The weirdest thing about all of it is that I kinda want to go for a brisk walk later or something.  It feels good to move!  I want to get my blood pumping!   Let’s get those endorphins flowing.

Who the hell is living in my head and why does she want to GET PHYSICAL?  What have I become?

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